A list of frequently asked questions about dog walking/boarding/behaviour issues.

We normally try and match wherever your dog sleeps at home
We have bookings up to 18 months in advance, as we fill up quickly for the summer we would advise booking as early as possible.
Yes, it does. All licensed home boarders have a legal obligation to take copies of all up to date vaccinations records, If you have used a home boarder and not been asked for this the chances are they are not licenced and are constantly putting your dog and others at an unacceptable risk that could lead to serious health issues not to mention a costly Vet bill.
No, we advise that you discuss the risks with your vet but it is not a compulsory obligation as our dog numbers are a great deal lower than an average kennel
Yes, All new customers are invited for a meet and greet, this will give them the opportunity to see where their dog will be staying and ask as many questions as possible. (please bear in mind this is our home too, so viewing will be limited)
Yes, We are happy and experienced to carry out any medication routine that is required but will need clear separate instructions with up to date veterinary details. (Medication is stored in a locked dog proof metal cabinet on site.)
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure all bookings.
Yes, We can assist in identifying issues and help with a modification program through our sister company Paws for concern, please note any dogs with 'serious' behavioural issues may not be offered a boarding place.
We, try our very best to maintain each dog's routine as much as possible, however this is not always possible and sometimes not necessary (if your dog is running around all morning playing it will not need a lunchtime walk, it would be more beneficial for your dogs emotional and physical wellbeing to have a nap or chill out time as overstimulation can be problematic)
Yes, All dogs need to be groomed, Just some more than others, we will maintain grooming routines and always brush off after a walk.
We try our best to ensure there is someone in the house at all times but on occasion even we need to attend places that dogs are not allowed. We continually monitor dogs on CCTV whilst out and are seldom out for more than an hour.