Our Staff

Susanne - Founder

I have been actively involved with dog training all of my life. My journey to behavioural training began when I enrolled on a canine behavioural degree, the science behind animals actions had always fascinated me. I made a massive decision to walk away from a successful career in logistics management to start my own dog walking and boarding business (PupMinders). My plan was to offer a professional service that helped with basic training and owner support. I am now a certified Behaviourist with ICB, Scent and tracking Instructor with UK College of scent dogs, Scent Detection Trainer with Scentwork Uk, and regularly hold competitive trials. Scent work trainer and Judge with the World Scent Dog Association. A Mantrailing Instructor and Assessor with Mantrailing UK. Puppy trainer with The school of canine science (SOCCs) and a qualified Trainer with the institute of modern dog trainers (IMDT). My passion is scent work, it has such a massive impact on a dogs behaviour and is so much fun.

Ewan (The hubby!) - Canine Concierge

When Susanne started PupMinders in 2014 in my spare time I helped out this gave me the opportunity to get hands on experience with getting to know so many other clients dogs, even before the business had started Susanne was studying towards her BSc in canine behavioural science and would discuss canine related behaviours and methods of training that frankly I was struggling to understand, this pushed me to wanting to study myself and I enrolled with the IMDT to gain my own level 4 OCN qualifications which i completed in spring 2018, learning to not only speak ‘dog’ but more importantly 'read it', is the most enlightening journey I have been on so far. I am qualified in Canine nutrition and have completed my diploma in alternative holistic therapies into canine welfare and well being. I am now actively helping in the Mantrailing and scent classes and will be a qualified Mantrailing instructor with Mantrailing UK in 2020.

Areas covered : Daventry & Staverton

Alicia joined us in 2017 as part of our dog walking team after a lifelong love of animals. There was always animals in her life, including a Lhaspo Aspo and a Weimaraner. Alicia's passion for animals shone through and it became obvious after just a few weeks working with animals would be her true calling. Her life is currently full with a fish, tortoise, hamster, Iyla the dog and her son Ethan. She has completed her level 2 diploma in canine behaviour and training achieving a distinction. The best part of the job is getting to know all the unique personalities, and there is no better feeling than someone else's dog recognising me and being excited to get out walking, and if that's not enough I get the opportunity to see different types of puppies grow up and help teach them a thing or two along the way.

Areas covered : Weedon, Dodford & Flore

I joined PupMinders in 2018 and its the perfect way to spend my day. I've grown up with numerous animals, cats, horses, gerbils, etc but always had dogs. Currently I have three and our favourite past time is walking for hours and miles. I enjoy spending time and getting lost with the dogs as they're the calmest companions to find your way home with. Working towards the future, I am now looking at doing more canine sports and perhaps competing alongside our walks, and maybe even a bit of dog grooming in the future.

Areas covered : Bugbrooke, Kislingbury & Stowe

I started with PupMinders in 2016 as a dog walker. I had always wanted a dog since moving to Northamptonshire, but my partner is scared of them. This was a great way to be near dogs without owning one. After gently persuading hubby we rescued a dog, Aster at the tail end of 2018. My work has helped loads with training her and understanding her needs. I would love to learn more on the different ways to train a dog and learn about body language. I will hopefully be training in scent works this year.

Areas covered : Weedon

I have always had a deep love for animals since childhood, having various pets over the years. I have two young sons aged 5 and 8, and a fur baby Nika the French Bulldog. I'm currently studying for a Veterinary Nursing Assistant Diploma with an aim to train as a Veterinary Nurse. Being able to work for Pupminders part-time is a fantastic opportunity to gain professional experience working with animals. I am very excited to be part of this team and to finally be working towards something I am passionate about.

Areas covered : Maidford, Stowe & Weedon

Melinda joined us in 2019 and is currently taking her canine behavioural level 3 diploma. "I’ve had a passion for dogs since I was a child - playing with and raising everything from Jack Russells to Great Danes! I bought my first family dog, Benson (Springador) when he was a puppy and he’s now 10 years old. When I felt the time was right, my second lovely dog, Lady (Pointer X) hopped onto a plane and flew into Gatwick from Cyprus Dog Rescue to join us as in her forever home. I love, both spending time with and caring for them, inside and outside, even in the rain! I’ve always wanted to work with dogs, so I’m thrilled to be a part of the PupMinders Team and look forward to caring for your special four legged friends"!

Areas covered : Daventry

Growing up, our family pets were Border Collies, including two litters of puppies and many dog-friendly hiking holidays in Scotland and Wales, so I’ve always felt very at home being around energetic dogs. I love animals and feel very attuned to their characteristics and quirks, although family pets have been limited to hamsters in recent years, I've always loved being around all sorts of animals. I have two young children, Evie aged 8 and Ethan aged 3 and working part-time for Pupminders is an absolute joy - providing flexibility, fresh air and plenty of fun in the great outdoors! I’m really proud to be a part of this professional and dedicated team and look forward to meeting your dogs whilst walking in the fresh air.

Areas covered : Daventry

I started with PupMInders in 2018. Sadly I don't have any pets of my own at the moment. I grew up with cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles and hamsters. I totally adore dogs, in particular German Shepherds, and the company they provide, their comical personalities and loyalty. I love being outdoors in the fresh and sharing time with all the wonderful dogs we look after, I prefer it even on a wet day to being indoors! I run my own cake business and have recently branched out to creating birthday cakes for dogs from all natural ingredients! Take a look at my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OoohCakeForDogs

Areas covered : Kislingbury

I love all animals and enjoy caring for them to the best of my ability. I have 3 dogs one is now 14, another is an ex-breeder rescue, my third is a people reactive dog who I am trying my hardest to train out of her fears. I also have a parrot who I have tricked trained and enjoy spending time with. I feel my calmest and happiest around animals they are so amazingly therapeutic. I believe just because you work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the company of animals. That’s why I enjoy dog walking as it means that I get to meet lots of amazing animals and that families can have an animal even with a busier lifestyle. Your pets will be in best care with me.

Areas covered : Daventry

I have always loved all types of animals, especially dogs, I prefer them to humans if I’m honest! I love building special bonds with the dogs and I think of them all as my little friends. I am currently doing a course in dog training and one on grooming so that I can increase my understanding of dogs and what they need. My plan is to eventual become a dog trainer, I am currently helping in some of DogHampton's training sessions. In the future I would like to specialize on the misunderstood “naughty dogs” to save them being sent to an animal shelter or worse. I have just rescued my own Romanian rescue, Dolly, and am looking forward to our fun filled future together and especially can’t wait to get into scent training with her as she has an amazing nose for sniffing out anything!


My love for all animals came from my dear old nan, I used to help any waif or stray which drove my parents nuts As soon as I had my own home I started my animal collection My love for dogs grew stronger when my chocolate Labrador Scooby arrived at 8 weeks old, I had 13 amazing years with him such a loyal loving dog, my son had always wanted a pug and so Frank joined us and my love for pugs took over my life, when we lost scooby Betty came to live with us, I adore my 2 pugs they are an amazing breed. I decided to change my vocation in life, 2 years ago and became a dog walker and I have never been happier, my life is full of amazing furr babies who I adore, I love my job so much and love my extended furry family 'every day is a blessing'

Junior Helper

Bella has grown up around the multitude of pets our family own but has also relished in meeting all of our wonderful clients' animals too. She adores all animals and regularly helps at our summer fetes and dog shows, agility and training sessions, last year she met Noel Fitzpatrick and he has inspired her to become a vet when she leaves school.

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