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Man Trailing

Mantrailing is a fun dog sport that really is suitable for all dogs. It is like no other activity or sport It is completely unique to any other dog training sport. It can help with unwanted behavioural problems such as fear, hyperactivity, phobias, stress, anxiety and reactivity towards dogs and or people. These dog behaviours normally lead to you becoming extremely isolated with a list of disappointing experiences and missing out on the opportunities of taking part in various dog activities.

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Scent Detection

Involves teaching your dog to search for a specific odour, (clove, gun oil, truffle oil and catnip.  Once your dog understands the game is to locate and identify these target odours. we begin to hide articles in different locations. The more advanced your dog gets, the more challenging we make the hides.

We are SWUK trainer, Judges and trails managers so regularly hold SWUK trials for you to test your skills in. These trials are based on detection-style nose work practiced daily by customs & excise dogs,. That are tested against the clock and environment.

Or you can simply do it for fun. Scentwork is not only fun, it also has other benefits. You will develop a stronger bond, and build your dog’s confidence, it provides both mental and physical exercise – and is great to play on wet weather days.

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We hold training classes that are based on the behavioural scientific needs of your dog with an aim to give your dog an acceptable outlet for the natural behaviours that normally get them into trouble, like prey drive (chasing things, running off) this will help to build the bond between owners and their dogs. Our team are friendly and approachable we provide an informative relaxed environment to help you learn at your own pace.

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Personal Training one to ones

These are ideal for owners that need specific help or dogs that are nervous around others. We can help you work on any area of your training you are struggling with and hopefully give you a better understanding of what drives your dog's behaviour and how to motivate a better response which should help build a stronger bond with your dog. Held locally £30.00 LIMITED AVAILABILITY.


We offer small sessions to help with the basic training and support, these are normally on the weekends in a secure field in small groups, Areas covered, Recall, Looselead, Control and manners, Booking essential for dates. - £20.00 EACH.


This is designed to help you with any training issues you may be having and create a unique training plan just for you and your dog, We can identify any underlying motivations and emotions behind the problem areas in the comfort of your own home or normal exercise area. TRAINING CONSULTATION - £50.00.


We can help you understand what is going on in your dog's mind and why behaviours are born. Using only positive methods of reinforcement and clearly showing your dog what you want him to do opposed to what you don't makes for a great learning environment. Dogs that are physically forced into obedience, or trained though outdated punishment methods are fearful, unhappy, confused and stressed.

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