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Scent Detection

Involves teaching your dog to search for a specific odour, (clove, gun oil, truffle oil and catnip) ,Once your dog understands the game is to locate and identify these target odours. we begin to hide articles in different locations. The more advanced your dog gets, the more challenging we make the hides.

We are SWUK trainer, Judges and trails managers so regularly hold SWUK trials for you to test your skills in. These trials are based on detection-style nose work practiced daily by customs & excise dogs,. That are tested against the clock and environment.

Or you can simply do it for fun. Scentwork is not only fun, it also has other benefits. You will develop a stronger bond, and build your dog’s confidence, it provides both mental and physical exercise – and is great to play on wet weather days.

Puppy Scent Cadets

Are you looking for more than just obedience? Our cadet course not only builds your puppy's confidence around many new and novel environments. But teaches them the important skill of how to meet and be around people and other dogs. Through the course we build on a sustaining a controlled sit, prior to searches, and how to settle between turns. These are both great skills to have in general life! We give you fun games to play at home. And teach you how to increase your pups focus & engagement. Finally, it fast tracks you and your puppy into the scent sports world of Mantrailing and Scentwork.

As a behaviourist Susanne has created this course that is aimed to tap into the dog's genetics and give them an outlet for the drive that is in all dogs, but can cause trouble in some! The scent cadet course not only covers the basic lead skills and sit stay but helps build confidence and calm by using the dog's natural ability to hunt with their nose! This is highly beneficial for puppies especially the mischievous ones!

The Real Dog Yoga (not as hippy as you think)

Real Dog Yoga is a programme of training. It ultimately involves teaching dogs to express and hold specific body postures, expressions and actions that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and help them to become or remain calm. The programme has designed an environment for learning which is called option training. We train yoga using this method where dogs have specific areas and communication signals they can use to opt out at any point. Regular breaks are taken following a protocol to ensure that emotional stressors such as frustration do not complicate learning patterns. Classes are ran in 6-week blocks, one to ones and occasionally fun trial drop-in sessions. Sign up for our newsletter for the next enrolment date.

Why not book a yoga party with your friends, In your home/garden where I can show you the principles of promoting calm controlled behaviour patterns focusing on the bond between you and your dog : Up to 6 dogs, £150.

Personal Training one to ones

These are ideal for owners that need specific help or dogs that are nervous around others. We can help you work on any area of your training you are struggling with and hopefully give you a better understanding of what drives your dog's behaviour and how to motivate a better response which should help build a stronger bond with your dog. Held locally £25.00 LIMITED AVAILABILITY.

UK Dog Sport

UK Dog Sport is an exciting new activity for dogs and their handlers. It incorporates exercises from Working Trials, Agility, Obedience and Scentwork and has been designed to make it easily accessible for beginners and advanced teams alike. The exercises get progressively more challenging at each level as dogs and handlers gain qualifications by completing the required standard in the tests set by the judge.


We offer small sessions to help with the basic training and support, these are normally on the weekends in a secure field in small groups, Areas covered, Recall, Looselead, Control and manners, Booking essential for dates. - £15.00 EACH.

Training Consultations

This is designed to help you with any training issues you may be having and create a unique training plan just for you and your dog, We can identify any underlying motivations and emotions behind the problem areas in the comfort of your own home or normal exercise area. TRAINING CONSULTATION - £50.00.

Puppy Classes (School of Canine Science)

During this 6 week course we will cover, Puppy human relationships, the common pitfalls in puppy ownership, food, motivation, rewards, the basics of training and what works for you. Lead work, recall, handling and vet trips, Play and greetings as well as all the normal basic training. 6 WEEK COURSE - £75.00.


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